Set 2 weiche Viskosetücher

Die Viskosetücher sind ideal zum Auftragen der Pflegemittel für:

  • Leder Protector 
  • Leder Versiegelung
  • Altleder Softener
  • Aniline Cream
  • Leder-Pflege & Imprägnier-Öl
  • PU-Protector

Beim Elephant Lederfett das Fett erst im Lappen verreiben und dann das Leder pflegen.

Anwendung: Pflegen & Schützen, Reiniger & Entfetter, Reparieren & Färben
Anwendungsgebiet: Auto, Lederkleidung, Lenkrad, Möbel, Sattel, Schuhe & Stiefel, Taschen & Koffer
Lederart: Anilinleder, Kunstleder, PU Leder, Pigmentiertes Leder, Pull Up Leder, Veganes Leder

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21. Dezember 2016 00:00

Fantastic leather polishing cloths!

These are really good quality and did a fantastic job of cleaning my leather couch! I absolutely would recommend these!

9. Oktober 2016 00:00

Variety of uses

These cloths not only work wonders with polishing but are excellent cloths to wash dishes and wipe surfaces with too . They are truly multipurpose and when they get a bit grubby I wash them in the machine

8. März 2017 00:00

Five Stars

Excellent product, does a great job and is reuseable.

12. April 2021 00:00

Excellent product

These polishing cloths work really well on my suite so quick and easy to use and excellent buffing qualities.

20. September 2016 00:00

Great cloths for leather

Good strong throw away paper type cloths with absolutely no lint present.Great for application of leather conditioning oils as they did not just absorb and hold the oils in the cloth but allowed them to be held on the surface of the cloth allowing the oils to be rubbed into the leather.

18. April 2017 00:00


Great cloths for polishing my classic car

8. März 2017 00:00

Five Stars

I love my leather shoes shined so the cloths I purchased help keep them beautiful.

8. März 2017 00:00

Five Stars

Which I had discovered them a lot sooner great clothes

8. Dezember 2016 00:00

Do the job well

Strong, simple, do the job. Just make sure no one else in the house confuses them for linen lookalike napkins

16. Februar 2017 00:00

Excellent cloths ideal for cleaning and polishing leather suite

Excellent cloths ideal for cleaning and polishing leather suite, soft yet strong. These cloths wash very well so can be reused. Great value, will certainly buy again.